Basement Grow Room

Australia Basement Grow Room

Product: LED Grow Light Bar

Time: 07/2022

Quantity: 120 PCS 

Location: Australia

In Australia, a basement grow room situated in a private residence has embraced the use of 108 pcs 480W LED grow lights. This innovative setup has proven to be ideal for indoor cultivation. With meticulous light distribution and spectrum optimization, the LED grow lights simulate natural sunlight, resulting in remarkable plant growth. By harnessing precise control over light intensity and timing, this case study showcases the immense potential of LED grow lights in maximizing yields and promoting sustainable urban agriculture. This breakthrough holds promise for future advancements in basement-based gardening and reinforces the viability of LED technology for indoor cultivation in Australia and worldwide.
Power: 480 Watts
Bars: 6+2 Bars
LED Chips: Samsung LM301H
Size: 870*870*74mm
Full-Spectrum: White(3500K) mix FR660nm +IR730nm +UV395nm
Controller: Separate Control UV IR + 0/10V dimmer knob+Daisy Chain+RJ14 port