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Product: LED Grow Light Bar

Time: 02/2023

Quantity: 2 PCS 

Location: Germany

In Germany, LED grow lights have become a game-changer for plant cultivators and home hobbyists utilizing grow tents. These innovative lighting solutions offer a range of benefits for indoor gardening enthusiasts. LED grow lights are designed to emit specific light spectrum that cater to different stages of plant growth, ensuring optimal photosynthesis and overall health. With energy efficiency at their core, LED lights consume less electricity, reducing energy costs. They also produce minimal heat, eliminating the need for additional cooling systems. German plant cultivators and home hobbyists are embracing LED grow lights as a reliable and sustainable solution for their indoor gardening endeavors.
Power: 680 Watts
Bars: 8+2 Bars
LED Chips: Samsung LM301H
Size: 870*870*74mm
Full-Spectrum: White(3000K) mix FR660nm +IR730nm +UV395nm
Controller: Separate Control UV IR + 0/10V dimmer knob+Daisy Chain+RJ14 port