Large Scale Indoor Grow

Thailand Large-Scale Indoor Grow Room

Product: LED Grow Light Bar

Time: 09/2022

Quantity: 312 PCS 

Location: Thailand

Thailand's large-scale indoor grow room has embraced the potential of LED grow light bars with an impressive installation of 312pcs of LED grow lights. These advanced lighting fixtures offer numerous benefits for crop cultivation. With customizable light spectrums, the LED grow lights optimize photosynthesis and promote healthy plant development, resulting in increased crop yields. Their energy efficiency reduces operating costs and environmental impact, while their longevity and durability minimize maintenance requirements. By harnessing the power of LED technology, this facility in Thailand demonstrates a sustainable and efficient approach to large-scale indoor farming, revolutionizing crop production in the region.
Power: 1000 Watts
Bars: 10+2 Bars
LED Chips: Samsung LM301H
Size: 940*950*76mm
Full-Spectrum: White(3500K) mix FR660nm +IR730nm +UV395nm
Controller: Separate Control UV IR + 0/10V dimmer knob+Daisy Chain+RJ14 port